One Day… and Counting

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Days like these…

… Make me stop and think.

I am headed into Day 5 of being sicker than I have been for as long as I can remember. Spent most of the weekend combatting high fever, chills, body aches, coughing, vomiting as the result of whatever it that has taken hold of me only to end up at the hospital dealing with the dehydration that came with it. Despite the fact that it took them 3 tries to get the I.V. in, I managed to get the meds I needed to at least get me pointed in the right direction. Still far from where I need to be as I found out today that, in addition to the actual flu, I also have strep. I guess I know how to party.

At the moment my hubby is in running on the treadmill and I am sitting on the couch feeling picked on. I want to be running on the treadmill because that would mean that I was not sick anymore (or that I was never sick to begin with). Time to be grateful….

I am grateful for….

  1. My wonderful husband… he is the love of my life, my better half and the one who has helped me become whole again.
  2. My children – all four of them keep me going and each has their own specialness to add to the world.
  3. My job – it amazes me to watch people learn.
  4. My teammates – they help me stay sane.
  5. Food to eat every day.
  6. A warm place to sleep every night.
  7. Different clothes to wear every day.
  8. The opportunity to dream.
  9. Good friends.
  10. The opportunity to make today better than yesterday.

Okay.. I feel a little less picked on…

One day…. and counting.

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National Boards…..

For some crazy… far beyond my realm of understanding at this moment in time I decided to get my National Board Certification. As a teacher I recognize the need for life-long learning but with deadlines looming in front of me, I must admit I wonder if I will be able to do what I have set out to do. All of the insecurities I have about myself race through my head…. but with it all boils down to is “Am I good enough?” What does that mean… who defines “good enough” anyways? I know that I spent many years of my life convinced that I was not worth much to the people around me and finally came to the point that enough was enough. For the past several years I have been able to shake those feelings of inadequacy and to see the “good” in me which has been such a tremendous step in the right direction but every once in a while…..

At any rate, I am excited to be a day closer to this goal that I started at the beginning of the school year…. regardless of what happens, I know that I have given it my all and hopefully it will all be “good enough”… whatever that means…

One day …. and counting.

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Hello world!

I am counter by nature… I count everything, the steps I take, the cars that I pass, how many times I walk up and down the hall at school, how  many times my heart beats when I run a mile. It’s not really an OCD type of thing, more of a way to keep my brain busy….. at any rate, I am very excited to be sharing this journey with you….

One Day and Counting…. 🙂

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