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Letting Go….

It’s official… my National Board submission is currently making its way towards some ginormous warehouse in Texas where it will sit until the assessors have time in their schedules to look it over. It’s hard to imagine that I spent the last 10 months of my life planning, revising, typing, revising, crying, cussing, revising, crying some more … basically putting my heart and soul into a little blue box. Now, I have to let it go….

I have made myself a promise that I would no longer worry about the contents of that littel blue box… much tougher than it sounds mind you as the contents of that box represent the last almost year of my life. As I look back on the experience, I must say that it has taught me so much about myself and how far I am willing to go to achieve a goal. (I have had this one since my EDU211 class way back at the beginning of my Teacher Ed program) I am thrilled to have met the goal of the submission… now the next one is to pass… YIKES! (NO, I promised myself that I would not worry)… I find out in November…. well, here’s hoping!

One day and counting….

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