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5 Years… hmmmm

So, tonight was my school district’s recognition for those who are retiring and those who have achieved certain milestones of service – 5, 10, 15, etc… I am not one to draw attention to myself and don’t really like to be in the “spotlight” so I opted out of attending the festivities. I am, however, amazed that I have been teaching for 5 years. As I look back over the last 5 years, I have been through an incredible amount of growth and change and I am truly grateful for where I am “at” in  my life. Even though I decided not to attend the recognition… I am grateful for the opportunities that my job afford me to grow each and every day. I work with some wonderful people and have been blessed to rub shoulders and learn so much from those I go through my days with. So to them I say…. Thank you!

I know that time is a funny thing and before I know it…. I will be celebrating another milestone… whatever that might be… until then, one day and counting.

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Weekends = TOO short!

Weekends are way too short…. I love the freedom of not being on a schedule, hanging out in my jammies if I want, grilling yummy food, taking a nap on the couch curled up with my hubby while “watching” a movie…. letting the stress of the week go.

It seems to me that my job has been incredibly stressful this year. I will admit that a large part of my stress was, in fact, self-induced because of the work I did on my National Boards – however, a great deal of my stress has been because of situations far beyond my control. I tend to worry about things I have no business worrying about. To be brutally honest, I often create things to worry about. As if I had nothing better to do with my time….

At any rate, right now I am worrying about people who are losing their jobs… or people who are being forced to make changes that they did not necessarily want to make. (I know, change is good… but that doesn’t mean it is easy). I worry that changes are far from being over and I worry about how far-reaching those changes will actually be – to all the people involved in them. I worry that nobody is safe from what is to come… whatever that might be.

Yup… weekends are way too short. Pretty soon school will be out and then I will have some true down time to fully rest and relax… hanging out with my hubby and the kids…. Oh… and going to New Zealand…can’t wait for that so I it is definitely…

….one day and counting.

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