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New Year’s Resolutions… hmmmmm

It seems really “fad-ish” to set New Year’s Resolutions as more often than not, they end up being forgotten by the end of January. Nonetheless, here I am, making some “resolutions” for my new year… I actually prefer to call them goals because to me, if you set a goal, it is more likely to happen. I shared these goals (plus a few others) with friend of mine. I have known her as long as I have lived in Grand Junction and she has helped me through so many of the growing opportunities I have had the last 10 years. At any rate, here’s the list….

1) Once a month, I am going to de-clutter something in my house or my storage shed(s). By the end of the year, I want to be able to stop renting the storage unit that I have been renting since I left my first husband. There is stuff in there that I haven’t looked at since I put it in there almost 7 years ago! At $50.00 a month, that is over $4000.00 in rent that I have paid to keep stuff that should probably otherwise be donated. Nothing like throwing money away.
2) I am going to start “crafting” again. To begin with, I will pick one day a month and devote it to sewing, painting, etc. Once school is out for the summer, my goal is to paint about 20 hours a week so that I can get ready for some craft shows this fall! I miss crafting… it gave me an outlet that I can’t find anywhere else.
3) My goal is to do 3 craft shows this fall.
4) As you know, I have been training for a marathon. I am not entirely sure when I will be ready for a marathon, but my goal for this year is to run a 5K each month for the next year. I am sure I will add some longer races in there, but for sure a 5K each month…. starting with the “Quicker Quaker” in Lafayette on January 14th. Who knew they had a festival to celebrate all things oatmeal… ūüôā
5) My goal is to allow myself to leave work at work. For some reason I always forget that everything I do at school will be there when I get back…
6) My goal is to make the time to “reconnect” with people who are important to me. I have been horrible at letting my job and the stresses of daily life keep me from being an active part in the lives of my friends.
There are the typical financial goals of saving money, fixing stuff up around the house, getting out of debt etc… but those are goals that have to be made with the involvement of others, so I can’t call them “my” goals. Even still, they will become goals as well….
I guess I will keep you posted on the whole goal thing… One day… and counting!
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A Trip Down Memory Lane

I just added the “timeline” feature to my Facebook page… it is a pretty cool feature that has everything from your Facebook “life”. It was so fun to take a trip down memory lane and read through everything I have ever posted. Although it was cool to look through everything, the one thing that touched me the most is the fact that even after all this time… I still get more than a little twitterpated when I read about the relationship that I developed with my now wonderful husband.

I joined Facebook on June 14, 2009 (something I swore I would never do)… shortly after that,¬†Randy and I “friended” each other… we started messaging each other almost every night as I was spending a great deal of time working on the last few things needed to finish my Masters… we started dating and the rest is… well, history. It was fun to go back and read how our relationship grew and evolved so quickly. I knew within the span of about a week that he and I were going to get married. Some people were completely shocked when we got married … I guess because we just “up and decided” one day that we didn’t want to live another minute without each other. So, we went down to the DMV and got married. No huge ceremony, no fancy dress, just shorts, t-shirts,¬†flip-flops,¬†and the two of us… and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

A few weeks later, I remember writing in my planner on the date of our wedding “A VERY good day!”… I still do that every time I get a new planner because that day is still a¬†very good day… it¬†is the day that I bound my heart to his forever. I look at him each day and gratitude wells up inside of me. I don’t know what I did to deserve him in my life but I am forever grateful that I go so lucky. He promised me once that he would always take care of my heart…. That simple phrase is what tore the walls down that I had built so firmly to protect myself. I was afraid of allowing those feelings to surface because of what I had been through… but the reality is, it took a very special man to break through those walls and Randy was that man. Simply¬†put, he¬†has taken very good care of my heart. I love him more than I could ever express and I am so thankful that I get to share each day with him… and for the record… I am still soo Happy!

One day and counting….. my blessings!



I have not been feeling very well the last couple of days so I have been spending a great deal of time hanging out on the computer looking at things to do, make, or otherwise spend my time on. I have also been contemplating on how¬† much I miss the days when I was able to sit in my craft room for 8 hours a day painting, sewing, or simply creating. I miss the serene feeling I have when I can sit and just be still with whatever it is I am working on. Watching snowmen and santas “come to life” when I paint their eyes… feeling the pull of the sewing machine as I feed the the fabric through… those are things that I know I took for granted when I was able to do it every day.

One of my goals for this upcoming year is to craft more. I need that outlet in my life… oh so very much! I am a much happier person when I can create….. unfortunately¬†I have allowed life to get in the way… with a million things to do and little time left over….

One day and counting… until I feel better again.

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Life is too short…

I found out today that someone I have known for several years passed away last night. She was out shoveling the snow from her sidewalk and had a heart attack… one minute she was here and then the next she was gone… just like that. Although she and I were not “best friends” (in fact, she probably doesn’t even know who I am) this woman impacted me.

I used to sing with Sweet Adelines… one of the first memories I have from my singing days was of this woman singing with her quartet at a regional competition. I cannot remember the name of the song but I do remember the joy that exuded from every fiber of her being as she was up on that stage singing her heart out and entertaining the audience. People were definitely enjoying the performance and I remember laughing til I almost cried. There were many other experiences I shared with this woman throughout my tenure with this particular organization….. she was a talented director, voice coach, and all-around nice person…. I learned from her and I know that she will be missed… by so many whose lives she touched and by those who loved her most….I cannot even imagine losing a loved one at a time when most are celebrating.

My point in sharing this is to say that one never knows exactly how much time they have on this earth… take advantage of every second you have with the ones that you love most. Tell them how grateful you are for them every single day. Spend time with them and most important of all, tell them you love them!

As always… one day and counting…

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It’s been a million years since I posted anything here…. I equate this to the fact that I have been uber busy. Sounds more like an excuse than anything else but the reality of the situation is… I am in perpetual motion from 5:30 in the morning until well after 10:00 at night each day.

It has been a most crazy time the last few days…. getting ready for winter break and winding down yet another quarter of school. Time sure is going by fast! Tonight I am fortunate to have some time to relax with no immediate deadlines which is a good feeling. Still preparing for the holidays but able to breathe a bit.

I made the cutest fleece blanket tonight… as simple as it was, it was comforting to work the fabric¬† and create the “final product.” It reminded me of how much I miss doing that kind of thing. ¬†I have decided that I truly do need to slow down and start doing some things that I haven’t done in a very long time… crafting, sewing, baking, cooking in general… the things I used to make time for and things that helped me alleviate some of the stress in my life.

Found this fun fabric today and had to have it! Made the cutest blanket EVER!

Still running and hoping to achieve the goal of a marathon at some point in the future… but for now … Still One Day and Counting!

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