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Counting blessings

Happy day after Thanksgiving….which, for many, means fighting the crowds since the wee hours of the day. Not me, not ever. I have to say that I am more than a little disappointed with the fact that we not only have Black Friday, now stores have started opening for what is called “Grey Thursday”….really??? Why? What has happened to spending that time embracing family traditions? Do people not have those anymore? Makes me a little sad….at any rate, we spent some time with my son this week up where he attends college. During that time we spent a few moments sharing those things we are grateful for…. seems so clichĂ© to focus on what we are grateful for during Thanksgiving, really, one should express gratitude each and every day…. but, thought I would take a minute and share…
1) I am grateful for my husband. We’ve had a rough haul the last couple of months but he is a huge blessing in my life. I love him so much.
2) I am grateful for me kids….all of them. My son is an amazing young man well on his way to great things. My daughter is set to follow suit. Despite the fact that I cannot crack the code with her, I am also grateful for my stepdaughter and her fiancĂ©…. they inadvertently teach me things about myself that I obviously still need to learn. I still have hope that someday we can get it figured out.
3) I am grateful for my struggles… through them I recognize the happy things more readily. I don’t particularly care for adversity and conflict but I can look back and see growth and appreciation each time.
4) I am grateful for my talents…. remember that pile of wood and fabric from last summer???


Well….I turned it into some pretty fun stuff….and I made a little bit of money in the process.


5) I am grateful for my health and that I can run….running brings me such great pleasure! My goal for the month of December is to run a mile each day, and my goal for next year is to run a race a month….two Ragnars and Half are already on the schedule.
6) I am grateful for my home. Despite the fact that the dishwasher, stove, and now the refrigerator, have all died, I am warm and dry. Despite the fact that the tile is popping loose, the carpet is stained and the walls need paint, I am warm and dry…guess I won’t talk about the mold in the bathroom.

There are many things I wish I could have or do, but my goal to live simply is starting to change all of that. I don’t want things as much anymore….I actually want a whole lot less. So, I will keep plugging away at getting rid of “stuff” I don’t have a use for and repurposing the rest….

One Day and Counting…. all the small blessings that add up.

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Life Ain’t Always Beautiful….

There’s a song out there by Gary Allan that my husband shared with me when we were dating. I have always liked the song but over the last couple of weeks it has really resonated with me. Here’s the link….

I have been blindsided by the actions of others more than a few times during the last several weeks and I am gonna be honest….my self-esteem has taken a beating to say the least. Its not easy to maintain a positive attitude when you have been knocked to the ground but I remember a quote from somewhere that says something like this: “When you are knocked down, you usually get up facing a different direction.” That has usually rang true for me though I didn’t always see it at the time.
What I need to keep reminding myself is that, regardless of the actions of others, I know who I am and what I have to offer this world. People may not always agree with my methods but I can’t control everything. My goal is to treat people with the respect they have earned from me and, despite my HUGE trust issues, I can move forward and see the sun rise each day….

For now….One Day And Counting …. each blessing I can find.

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