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Patience… and the goal to live simply

I have been feeling a bit “blues-y” today and I am not entirely sure why. Well, actually I know why, but it isn’t something I really want to air out on the internet so suffice it to say that I am being impatient.

I have had some pretty big obstacles placed before me over the last couple of years and after a while, stuff like that tends to wear you out physically and emotionally. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with some of the challenges that I have faced, but it seems like when one thing looks like it is going to be resolved, another challenge quickly slides in to fill that void. I could give you multiple examples of how that has happened in my life recently, but I don’t like having such a negative perspective on life so I am  trying to find a way to focus on the positive. Let me tell you, some days are far easier than others.

I was just killing time on Pinterest…being more than a little grouchy because I can’t go on a vacation, I can’t buy a new car, I can’t remodel the bathroom or replace the flooring (both of which really need to be done) and happened across the following quote…

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

I really needed to see that today. I have also been put in  my place. Instead of dwelling on what I can’t do, I really do need to focus on what I can do. I can continue to simply my life, I can continue to do my best in whatever I choose to pursue, I can find the good in things, I can continue to work on my afghan…(it is coming along nicely) and I can continue to dream. My husband and I have some great dreams and that is one thing I really love doing with him. The biggest thing that I know I can do is to practice being patient. Life really isn’t about having the most stuff… or the newest name-brand…. life is about taking time to actually live….

One Day and Counting… ways I can practice patience. (I am not going to lie.. this will be a challenge!)


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