One Day… and Counting

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on May 19, 2014


1. given to or characterized by useless consumption or expenditure: wasteful methods; a wasteful way of life.
Today I will rant!
I work in a public middle school and each Monday morning I start my work with cafeteria duty. The reason I have cafeteria duty is because we offer breakfast to all of students.. regardless of ability to pay. When students go through the breakfast line, they are each required to take 3 items. Today, breakfast consisted of either breakfast pizza or cereal, an orange and milk. As always, students took the required 3 items and proceeded to use the oranges for basketball skills practice… meaning they were throwing them away. Now, I am not going to say that this have NEVER happened before, but for some reason, today, I snapped. I am truly sick of watching perfectly good fruit being thrown away, I went in to the kitchen and got a box to collect all of these unwanted oranges in an effort to “save a little bit of money” for our school. I spent my entire duty collecting oranges to be served again at lunch. This next part is what really made me sick to my stomach… the kitchen manager informed me that, while my efforts were appreciated, all of the fruit would be thrown in the trash anyways. WHAT????? Ya’ll, I am not talking two or three oranges here.. I am talking about an ENTIRE fruit box full of oranges!! I am guessing the cost of this fruit to be around $50… and that is just the fruit I “saved” from the trash! The sad and tragic thing is that, in talking with the kitchen manager, I found that this happens at every meal they serve!!! Twice a day… five days a week… for the ENTIRE school year!!! You do the math on this one! And this is just the school I work in!!! I couldn’t stand the thought of so much waste so I asked if I could take the box of fruit home with me… the answer was NO! WHAT???? My family would be thrilled with a box of oranges… or, I could take them to the local food bank!! Trust me when I say that I witness lots of waste as part of my job, but this idea has sent me over the edge!!
I dont have the answer to this problem… it is far greater than I am but I want to figure out a way to make it change! Rules are made at the state and federal level that have to be adhered to… but to teach a child that it is ok to take something that you don’t pay for just to throw it away is completely wrong! Especially food that can be utilized by someone who would truly appreciate it!
Ok… that’s my rant….
My goal is still live simply and that includes all aspects of my life… each day is one day closer to that goal…
One Day and Counting… til the end of the school year! (2 days after this one)

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